Digital Marketing

Search optimisation, online advertising, email campaigns


Where do we start! The world of Digital Marketing is diverse, fast-paced and ever changing. Having years of experience in this area I can guide you through this online maze. My approach to the digital marketing space will be a bit different to most. I believe in educating my clients so they can make informed decisions, particularly when it comes to paid online advertising such as Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising.

Here's a brief overview of different areas I can help with:

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation:

The very first thing you should consider when talking Digital Marketing is "on-page optimisation". That means getting your website up to standard with all the meta-data, keyword optimisation, content flow and structure, readability, speed, navigation etc. Google scores your website and pages for a host of things and on-page optimisation is critical to have any chance of getting a decent ranking in organic (non-paid) search results.

I have been optimising websites for many years and can ensure your site is given the best chance to rank without having to rely on paying for Google Ads every week.

Email Marketing:

Without a doubt the most effective form of digital marketing out there in terms of both cost and engagement! If you aren't harvesting email address details from your customers and prospects - START NOW! If you need help with this, either through approaching your customer base to signup for newsletters, or setting up sign up forms on your website, I can help.

I can also design and create content for regular E-News campaigns, setup templates for you to do it and setup CRM systems for you.

Paid Online Advertising - Google, LinkedIn and Social Media:

So many options and a quick way to lose alot of money! Paid advertising is a minefield that only experts should navigate. I can help you make the right decisions in this area, whether you want to manage the campaigns yourself or engage an expert to manage it for you.

Copy Writing:

Do you need content? Maybe a blog post, rewording some page content, a newsletter? I have a great resource in copy writing who can work his magic for very reasonable prices.



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