Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success ensures my success! 

I know that hiring a graphic designer or web developer can be a daunting task. Knowing the right questions to ask, assessing their suitability to be your brand ambassador and capability to deliver a great job, discussing technical aspects of a website without having the knowledge to understand the answers. These are all valid concerns that customers have.

I try and make things simple for my clients. When engaging with a potential client the first thing I do is listen to your needs and expectations. I get a feel for your business and your objectives in order to offer the best possible solutions and service. Once we have a clear plan of work, I will supply you with a quote and time frame, and clearly explain what is involved, what I expect from you, and what you get from me.

If you are happy to proceed at that point I offer a unique "satisfaction guarantee". Between us we agree on a milestone that will show you that I am competent and able to meet your requirements. Once complete, you decide if you want to engage my services. Up to that point, there is no charge if you decide we are not suited. That puts the risk on me, not you, to ensure we are on the same page!

It's all very well to look at work that a designer or developer has done in the past, however each business is different and requires unique designs and solutions. How about I show you what I can do for your no risk to you other than some well-invested time?

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